Prevention and Control of Infection Distance Learning Level 2

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Course overview:

Every year one in 10 hospital patients develop a Healthcare Associated Infection during their stay in a UK hospital. Approximately 5000 patients die as a direct result of one of these infections and they also play a part in 15,000 other deaths in the UK every year.

In most cases, these infections are difficult to treat and can complicate previous illnesses that a patient has, as well as causing distress for the individual and their family.

Taking this qualification can help tackle the outbreak of infection in hospitals and health care settings by helping you understand the causes and spread of infection and how you can help to control it.


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We currently have no location restrictions, so can cover all of the UK.

Amount of learners

For distance learning we usually require a minimum of 8 learners but you can mix and match courses, you do not all have to do the same one.


Distance Learning usually takes around 4 – 12 weeks depending on the course.


Age 19+, Must have been living in the UK or EU for 3+ Years.


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